The Kingfish Team

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Jonathan Goldenstein, Co-founder, Kingfish Group

"We pride ourselves on assembling high-performing teams to pursue inspiring goals."

Divyanshu Bali

Melissa McBeam

Daman Bhandari

Shelly Malin

Lauren Mayeux

Praneeth Bheema

Beena Menon

Hannah Burns

Prasad Pandit

Hunter Carey

Graeme Clements

Amita Pradeep

Davis Dardaman

Melanie San Pedro

Riley Devlin

Christian Dubiel

Niranjan Thakre

Jean-Baptiste Elgin-Cossart

Jenna Fields

Parker French

Vinayak Ghosh

Andrew Giannuzzi

Jonathan Goldenstein

George Hamilton

Casey Lindbeck

Miki Ljuboja

Tara Lobo

Kevin Macdonald

Samantha Martellaro

J.T. Mauk

Sunara Menon

Kimberly Milando

Krista Nayden

Alexandra Packard

Jack Palmore

Shinjini Sharma

Priyanka Tulsiani

Ranvirr Aadityaa

Gourishankar Aechoor

Aditya Athawale

Reshmi Bhattacharya

Kartik Bhikule

Ishika Gaba

Mohit Jaisinghani

Spriha Jha

Nikita Joshi

Leena Karia

Zainab Khan

Alka Mishra

Aryavrat Naudiya

Priyam Pal

Varsha Ramesh

Rolin Rego

Tanishq Rupainwar

Diganta Santra

Ritesh Sharma

Aishwarya Shahane

Aditie Singh

Sidharth Singh

Sridhar Sreekanth

Parul Srivastava

Samyuktha Thankachy

Aditya Vartak

Mansi Vaze

Priyam Verma

Sanat Wagh

Amruta Yadav

Our Values


Determine what's right and stand up for it, even when it's not easy to do so.


Help others become successful. Supporting one another is at the core of how we build successful teams and lasting partnerships.


Attitude is contagious. Improvement is always possible – this mindset is what helps us continue to grow great businesses.


Do more, talk less. It's better to risk failing than not to try at all.


We are open-minded and driven by intellectual curiosity. Our desire to re-examine and re-invent is the cornerstone of innovation.


Rational, objective discussion and clear communication mitigates groupthink and leads to better decision outcomes.

Kingfish Philosophy

Our philosophy is to find the best people and give them the freedom to learn, innovate and outperform.

We are structured to ensure that each individual contributes substantively to firm strategy and goals. Authority is decentralized and performance is rewarded based on achievement.