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We're building a new approach to private equity

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The Kingfish platform is unlike any other in private equity.

Relationships with the right on-point experience can dramatically change the trajectory of a business. As private equity advisors and investors our platform ensures we make that impact every time.

The Kingfish Platform

Over the last 10 years our platform has grown to include 3 critical components
  • Global network of experienced senior level executives.

  • A unique privileged position that spans industries.

  • A partnership-driven, tailored business approach.

Our network of On-Point Executives

When it comes to building great businesses, specific industry experience can change the game. Our network includes seasoned, on-point executives who have been customers, competitors and key suppliers to the business, meaning they don’t just know the answers – they know the right questions to ask.

Our Privileged Position

We work on 200+ pre-screened private equity situations annually along with our capital partners. Our breadth and depth means far-reaching opportunities not usually available to any single firm. This enables deeper executive relationships with the best practices and processes that ultimately drive success.

Our Partnership-First Approach

Partnership is core to our approach. We partner with executives, businesses and other investors, with the primary goal of crafting great investments and building superior businesses. By cultivating and developing partnerships with a cross section of high caliber people and partners, we are a stronger advisor and investor.

The Platform At Work

Our platform supports a select set of top private equity firms as well as our principal investing strategy. Learn more about our work: